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Kaz Shimada

To book a walk through cutting tutorial with me, please book an appointment after you have received the required tools that are linked in the description. When you are ready to book please Venmo me for your appointment (@Kaz-Shimada) and book yourself here. Space is limited please no cancellations. All appointments are in PST/California time.  please leave your phone number when booking and specify your preference between Face time, what's up app and Line app. 

Hi guys



I hope everyone is safe and healthy at home Sharing quality time with your loved ones. I miss you all and I miss being at the salon creating beautiful hair and connecting with each one of you. 

And I really hope by offering how to do your own razor bangs and little bit of face framing service helping you empowered, confident and feeling good over all. 

I can walk you through bulky grown-up hair, trimming your bangs, removing weight,  keeping your style up. 

In order to make this work through tutorial, you will need a razor and comb I will teach you how to use them properly to avoid shredding nor damage your hair, you will have nice supple ends with texture and light airy shape. 

Please keep in mind in this teaching experience, you are investing in a skill that you can use between visits to your stylist hopefully for the rest of your life. Imagin Free bang trims forever!




30 min 

Bangs $50


I can walk you through texturize or give yourself bangs. If you have a thick bangs or thick hair and a lot of face framing I recommend booking an hour long session. 30 minute sessions are for those who with less hair and who wants to move through very quickly and typically we don't have time for a face framing, mainly just the forehead bangs. You must own the suggested  razor and comb ( any similar comb works too)



1 hour 

Haircut walk-through tutorial $100


I can assess and consult you with your hair and it's natural texture then we will go through the section by section cutting all that is needed and leaving behind what its doing great already. I can also walk you through cutting your own bangs for first time. One hour would give us time to give you good understanding of how to cut your bangs and how to handle your problems area bulkiness volume or whatever I can address easily then I will teach you to style with your hand and tell you what  you need to make your haircut look it's best. 

Must own suggested razor and comb (any similar comb will work.)


Thank you so much for your support and hope to see you through the screen! Can't wait to go back to my studio and work again but until then, take care and love you all! 


Love, Kaz Shimada


To book your appointment  click here 

Link for suggested razor and comb

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